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Outstanding Results

Supplier Relationship Management

•Deployed vendor performance and risk management program to manage $1 billion IT Portfolio helping to avoid $million potential costs and delays.
•Developed vendor quality and performance management framework covering $500 Million of 3rd party services for federal agency leading to improved transparency and estimated 10% fewer errors.

Business Process Management

•Led Lean Kaizens and other lean approaches in areas such as global source to pay, supply chain and IT support processes to drive 10% +DPO improvements, 15% value engineering savings, increased contract compliance, optimal service delivery and risk management.
•Led procure to pay and asset management process and organizational redesign within federal agency leading to; improved forecasting, clearly defined organization roles and process approaches, streamlined approvals, increased IT asset utilization, and reduced spend.

Health Information Technology

•Deployed natural language processing to identify the qualitative presence of Medicare Risk Adjustment Hierarchical Condition Category Codes in outpatient medical records; resulting in 22% increase in coder efficiency and improved revenue yield.

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